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Most people don’t realize this, but Gout is THE most painful form of Arthritis and if left untreated can cause erosion to your joints as well as permanent damage to vital organs such as your kidneys, eyes and heart.

Fortunately, todays advancements in medicine have created a handful of options to help reduce these dangerous, and excruciating attacks. Let me walk you through some of the pros and cons of each option.

  • First is diet and exercise. While this may seem obvious, it takes a lot of work and most people don’t have the time, discipline or budget to have a personal trainer while sticking to a healthy meal plan, 7 days a week.
  • Second are pharmaceutical drug options. Although these drugs are known to be effective, they unfortunately come with a long list of debilitating side effects such as increased blood pressure, asthma, heart and kidney problems. Worst of all, they only treat the symptom and not the cause, which means you can never be free of your Gout. Plus, there are absolutely no additional benefits from taking the drug.
  • Third are natural herb and botanical products. These are great because they’re all natural, good for your body and often don’t have any known side effects. The problem with these is the fact that they’re derived from plants which creates potency and consistency issues, so no two doses are the same. This is why plant-based products aimed at serious ailments often can’t deliver the powerful punch needed make any change.
  • The fourth option is Gout Check Plus, a proven, safe and effective way to combat acid throughout your entire body. Our patented granulation process delivers powerful alkalizing minerals direct to the body's cells where they are absorbed and immediately put to work. I’m talking about natural minerals that the body craves, like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It’s proven that a daily regime of two Gout Check Plus caplets, will eliminate the constant acid assault occurring in your body, every day.

The majority of gout sufferers have learned to live with their Gout, and we know you deserve better. If you or a loved one are suffering from this debilitating affliction, do yourself a favor and Get Started today so you can be on your way to Gout Free living, or your money back! Your new, life awaits… We look forward to helping you.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we have had customers share experiences with Gout Check Plus+ minimizing Gout symptoms when taken during flare ups, the most beneficial aspects of Gout Check Plus+ are most pronounced when taken regularly on a daily basis as a maintenance strategy.  Gout Check Plus's unique formula makes it a powerful component in helping to avoid Gout flare ups before they start.

Yes. Two easy to take caplets each day will keep your Uric Acid Neutral, breakdown the crystallization in your joints and give you all of the other "Plus+ Factor" benefits. This is a powerful natural daily supplement.

No. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed data regarding Gout Check Plus's Proprietary Alkalizing Formulation for uniformity and safety. It recognizes Gout Check Plus's Proprietary Alkalizing Formulation as a New Dietary Ingredient (a regulatory requirement for dietary supplement safety and uniformity that few supplements can achieve).

Alka-Myte is the main active ingredient contained in Gout Check Plus+. 

Alka-Myte is the combination of highly alkaline minerals and a patented granulation process that allows for the stabilization of compounds like potassium hydroxide and delivers them through a process that the body readily accepts. The Alka-Myte active mineral compounds are: calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and potassium chloride.

Potassium hydroxide is particularly volatile, and will break down quickly when exposed to air. Alka-Myte's unique granulation process allows potassium hydroxide to be delivered to the body at the cellular level at full strength.

Studies have proven that our active ingredients are safe and there are rarely side effects. If someone experiences side effects, it would most likely be an upset stomach and would be very mild.

You are SAVING $15.00 + $9.99 shipping & handling, every 3 months (27% savings). Remember, you can cancel the "AutoSave" at anytime.

On our AutoSave program, your investment is only $0.95 per day... less than a cup of coffee at most gas stations...   

Gout Check Plus+ is a premium beneficial supplement for both Men and Women.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

If you don't see any results (blood levels neutralizing, feeling better, etc. after at least 14 days of taking daily), all you need to do is return the unused portion of your product back to us. We will refund the return shipping cost and your original purchase price 100%. (return limited to 1 bottle per customer)


All natural, mineral based daily supplement to neutralize Uric Acid in your body. 


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