The Plus+ Factor

Gout Check Plus+ is a safe, natural mineral supplement that neutralizes uric acid, provides calcium and balances pH levels in the body.

Maintaining the correct pH balance in the body is critical to optimizing our overall health and wellbeing. pH balance is the first and best line of defense to combat sickness and disease and to increase health and vitality.

Below are a few of the body challenges that may improve by having a pH balanced body. This is The Plus+ Factor that you benefit from by taking our natural Gout Check Plus+ supplement on a daily basis.


Acid Indigestion

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a very common condition that presents a burning sensation located behind the neck.

The pathophysiology of GERD involves low stomach pH and reduced sphincter tonicity. Consequently, the acid flows up the esophagus, causing all the classic symptoms.

Fortunately, our Gout Supplement helps restore the pH balance of the stomach, which is essential to treat GERD. In fact, the primary treatment for this condition is prescribing drugs from the proton pump inhibitor class that lowers stomach pH.

Acid Indigestion

Bone Density

The combination of calcium and magnesium in our Gout Supplement is great for helping with low bone mineral density observed in osteoporosis.

Calcium, for instance, is the primary component of bone mineralization (along with phosphate), which gives the bones their rigid structure.

Therefore, in addition to neutralizing uric acid, which helps gout, you will also help in avoiding osteoporosis, which is extremely prevalent in postmenopausal women and elderly men.

Bone Density

Digestion Health

The right pH is vital for digesting certain minerals (e.g. iron) and foods. Supplying your body with magnesium, calcium, and pH-modulating substances will undoubtedly improve your digestion and prevent flareups of bowel inflammatory conditions.

In fact, many studies found that low calcium levels can trigger peristaltic abnormalities that interfere with the normal function of digestion.

Digestion Health

Oral Health

The acidity of your oral cavity is extremely important to determine the type and number of microbes that can grow, as well as the health of your enamels. Additionally, poor calcium in the body precipitates tooth decay and other dental problems.

In one study, researchers found that hypocalcemia (i.e., low serum levels of calcium) is a primary trigger of tooth decay and enamels malformation.

Supplementing your body with calcium through our Natural Gout Supplement will help optimize the health of your teeth. Moreover, pH-modulating properties will help prevent bacterial overgrowth.

Oral Health

Urinary Health

Urine pH is slightly acidic to keep a steady number of germs and prevent microbial overgrowth. The acidity of the urine is maintained by a variety of mechanisms, including the renal filtration system and bacterial secretions of acids.

When this balance gets disrupted, you become at risk of developing urinary tract infections, as the bacteria find the optimal pH to grow.

Our Gout Supplement contains several ingredients that optimize renal filtration and excretion, as well as urine pH. As a result, you will inadvertently promote your urinary tract health.

Urinary Health

Athletic Performance

As athletes metabolize fuel (food), acidic wastes are created and hydrogen ions build up in muscles. When competitive athletes exceed their natural ability to flush out or neutralize acidic wastes, low grade acidosis occurs. Alka-Myte® neutralizes these acids in the blood and helps an athlete maintain a healthy pH balance, reducing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and recovery time.

Alka-Myte®, a patented blend of calcium carbonate as its active ingredient packaged and shrunk to sizes so small that they easily pass from the stomach into the bloodstream quickly and effectively. The composition has been tested and verified to improve endurance, strength, and muscle recovery in world-class athletes, and in a double blind-placebo clinical trial conducted with 24 nordic skiers, products with Alka-Myte® showed the following results:

  • Reduced intensity of the burn.
  • Allows muscles to generate more anaerobic power.
  • Reduce damage to cells and accelerate healing muscles.
  • Decreased recovery time.
  • Allow longer use of fat, lactate, and glycogen as fuel to give sustained aerobic performance.
  • Maintain the blood at the homeostasis pH level for longer times.
  • Eliminate the blood from activating its emergency buffers.
  • Keep the individual red blood cells flowing and exchanging oxygen.
  • Keep the transport of waste and fuel moving in and out of working muscle cells.
  • Reduce cardio-respiratory stress while operating at higher power outputs.

All natural, mineral based daily supplement to neutralize Uric Acid in your body. 


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