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Common Gout Questions

Yes, gout is a specific form of arthritis that develops due to the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. Most commonly, the big toe is affected by gout, but other articulations can also develop gout attacks (e.g., knees, ankles, heels).

According to research, gout is several times more common in men relative to women.

Uric acid is a crystal that builds up in the joints, causing inflammation, swelling, and pain.

The body eliminates uric acid through renal filtration (i.e., through the urine). When this function is not working properly, uric acid builds up in the blood (i.e., hyperuricemia).

The classic symptoms of gout include the four pillars of inflammation: warmth, pain, swelling, and redness of the affected joint.

Abnormally high levels of uric acid can precipitate kidney stones and nephrolithiasis.

It is important to understand that lowering your Uric acid level is a key measure to avoiding flare ups.
Gout Check Plus+, while taken on a daily basis in conjunction with your doctor recommended diet and other lifestyle changes, can be extremely effective in lowering uric acid levels and minimizing frequency of flare ups.

Our Product & Our 2 Caplets Per Day Regime

Yes. This is a proactive supplement that neutralizes your body by taking a regular caplet of our product. We tell people not to buy our product unless they can commit to taking these easy to take 2 caplets a day, EVERYDAY.

There are many more benefits to having a balanced pH in your body, other than just battling Gout... 

While we have had customers share experiences with Gout Check Plus+ minimizing Gout symptoms when taken during flare ups, the most beneficial aspects of Gout Check Plus+ are most pronounced when taken regularly on a daily basis as a maintenance strategy.  Gout Check Plus's unique formula makes it a powerful component in helping to avoid Gout flare ups before they start.

Yes. Two easy to take caplets each day will keep your Uric Acid Neutral, breakdown the crystallization in your joints and give you all of the other "Plus+ Factor" benefits. This is a powerful natural daily supplement.

Gout Check Plus+ is a premium beneficial supplement for both Men and Women.

Our caplets are a similar size of a Tylenol caplet. Very easy to swallow with a small drink of water. 


No. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed data regarding Gout Check Plus's Proprietary Alkalizing Formulation for uniformity and safety. It recognizes Gout Check Plus's Proprietary Alkalizing Formulation as a New Dietary Ingredient (a regulatory requirement for dietary supplement safety and uniformity that few supplements can achieve).

Alka-Myte is the main active ingredient contained in Gout Check Plus+. 

Alka-Myte is the combination of highly alkaline minerals and a patented granulation process that allows for the stabilization of compounds like potassium hydroxide and delivers them through a process that the body readily accepts. The Alka-Myte active mineral compounds are: calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and potassium chloride.

Potassium hydroxide is particularly volatile, and will break down quickly when exposed to air. Alka-Myte's unique granulation process allows potassium hydroxide to be delivered to the body at the cellular level at full strength.

Studies have proven that our active ingredients are safe and there are rarely side effects. If someone experiences side effects, it would most likely be an upset stomach and would be very mild.

The Alka-Myte® compound along with the other ingredients in Gout Check Plus caplets are very stable and can be stored for up to 3 years with no significant potency loss.

AutoSave 15% Program

When ordering on our Get Started page, select the AutoSave button. Once you complete your checkout, you will be signed up to save and receive your Gout Check Plus automatically every 90 days.

You are SAVING $15.00 + $9.99 shipping & handling, every 3 months (27% savings). Remember, you can cancel the "AutoSave" at anytime.

On our AutoSave program, your investment is only $0.95 per day... less than a cup of coffee at most gas stations... 

Why wouldn't you? You save 15% plus FREE shipping on all orders and you get the convenience of us automatically sending you your 90 day supply every cycle so you don't run out of your daily supplement. 

Since you can cancel at anytime and our product comes with a guarantee, we think it's a no brainer to be on autosave.  

Yes. We used to run promotions (before we came up with AutoSave), now we give our best customers a discount on every order through our AutoSave program! 

Convenience and savings to our loyal customers and predictability in our production and revenue.   

Absolutely. Just send us an email at and we will send your order to your alternate address. Or, you can login to your account and change your shipping address until you return.

Our secure credit card processor, Stripe© has your credit card details stored in your subscription profile and will automatically charge it every 85-90 days when your AutoSave order is processed. If any issues arise with your credit card, we’ll do our best to contact you regarding payment for your order so you don't have any delays.

As part of our AutoSave, standard shipping and handling within the contiguous United States is FREE with every AutoSave order!

Shipping charges will apply for shipments outside the contiguous U.S. and internationally.

Absolutely. You will be emailed a shipping and order tracking notification each time your AutoSave order is processed and shipped. 

85-90 Days from the day of your first AutoSave order. 

Payments & Purchasing Options

No. All purchases are made right here through our website.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

No. We only accept payments securely through our website. 

No. Credit Card payments through our website only.

Our website is 100% secure and is monitored 24/7/365.

We use SSL encryption.

We integrate with Stripe © as our payment processor because they are also 100% secure, reliable and simple for our clients to use. 

Yes. You will be emailed a receipt within 1-5 minutes after placing an order. If you select to have an account login with us, you will be able to login 24/7 and see your transaction history, etc.  

Shipping & Deliveries

Yes, that is correct in the contiguous U.S.

Outside contiguous U.S. and International countries - AutoSave & One-Time Orders are charged standard shipping & handling rates (calculated at checkout).

Typically 5-7 days.

Most commonly USPS.

Yes. We ship internationally to Canada, Mexico, Australia and the UK.

All international orders get charged shipping (including international AutoSave subscribers).

Yes. You will be emailed a tracking number as soon as your order ships.

Product Guarantees

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

If you don't see any results (blood levels neutralizing, feeling better, etc. after at least 14 days of taking daily), all you need to do is return the unused portion of your product back to us. We will refund the return shipping cost and your original purchase price 100%. (return limited to 1 bottle per customer)

Returns & Cancellations

If you don't see any results (blood levels neutralizing, feeling better, etc. after at least 14 days of taking daily), all you need to do is return the unused portion of your product back to us. We will refund the return shipping cost and your original purchase price 100%. (return limited to 1 bottle per customer).

Mail to our address located on the back of the bottle you're returning. or cancel through your "account login" on our website.


All natural, mineral based daily supplement to neutralize Uric Acid in your body. 


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