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Many ask, "what is gout"? Most people know the symptoms, but not what causes it. To put it simply, gout is a form of arthritis. In fact, it is one of the most painful types of arthritis known. While not as common as osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, Gout is an extremely painful form.

Gout attacks are caused by sharp, hard needle-like crystals of uric acid depositing in the joints, sending extreme pain through the body's system. Gout is typically associated with the big toe, but uric acid deposits can build up in many other joints in the feet, hands and arms.

Over 4 million Americans suffer from Gout today. Fortunately, with the advancement in holistic remedies, there are natural solutions to aid in preventing Gout attacks while benefiting your entire body.

According to a study by Stanford University, "In just the past 2 decades, gout patients were hospitalized nearly 100 times more often than the general U.S. population".


Gout Check Plus+ reduces the level of acidosis in your body, which is one of the best proactive treatments to combat this form of inflammatory arthritis.

Uric Acid neutralization at the cellular level, particularly in your blood plasma and synovial fluid that bathes and lubricates your joints, is the best approach to gout because it attacks the problem at the source.

Peruse our website to discover how Gout Check Plus+ can be your long term, natural solution to Gout, along with many other health benefits.

Welcome. Your Natural Gout Solution...

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Simple & Safe Daily Gout Supplement

Daily, Easy to Take Caplets

Easy to take, two daily caplets that neutralize body acid within 7-14 days. Taken regularly, Gout Check Plus+ keeps uric acid neutral in your body while working to break down the crystallization buildup in your joints.

Science Based Body Acid Neutralization

Provides your body the minerals it needs, in a consistant dose, unlike many botanical and herbal gout supplements. Mineral based ingredients rarely cause side effects, which are often the case with prescription drugs.

Mineral Based = Natural & Safe

All ingredients, in the amounts delivered in our Proprietary Alkalizing Formulation, are recognized by law to be generally recognized as safe (GRAS) according to 21CFR 184.1191/1428/1622/1631. GRAS status is reached only after thorough scientific review by the Ameri­can Academy of Sciences.

Patented, Powerful Ingredients 

A key ingredient in Gout Check Plus+ is Alka-Myte®, a patented blend of calcium carbonate as its active ingredient is packaged and shrunk to sizes so small that they easily pass from the stomach into the bloodstream quickly and effectively.

FDA Reviewed

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed data regarding Gout Check Plus's Proprietary Alkalizing Formulation (PAF) uniformity and safety. It recognizes Gout Check Plus's PAF as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI), a regulatory requirement for dietary supplement safety and uniformity that few supplements can achieve.

The Plus+ Factor

Unbalanced acid in the body can cause many ailments. The Gout Check Plus+ mineral formulation ultimately reduces excess acid throughout the entire body. Having an acid balanced body through our proprietary formulation helps with acid reflux, heartburn, GERD, bone health, and the list goes on... click here for the Plus+ Factor details.

3 Purchasing Options. One Gout Solution.


$29.95 First-Time
  • Trial Size - 1 Month Supply
  • 60 Caplets
  • FREE Shipping (contiguous U.S.)
  • Arrives 5-7 Days
  • Valid First-Time Purchase Only

Gout Check Plus+ 180

$99.95 One-Time
  • 3 Month Suppy
  • 180 Caplets
  • $9.99 Flat Rate Shipping (contiguous U.S.)
  • Arrives 5-7 Days
  • Reordering Recommended Every 90 Days

Customer Reviews & Results...


"My name is Marian Hughes I am a retired teacher who was diagnosed with gout in April 2021. I was in a lot of pain and I started doing some research and learned that there were many botanicals out there that helped gout but having allergies I had to be careful with what I took so I decided to go the mineral route. So that’s why I chose Gout Check Plus. I took it for the month of May and then again for June and felt very good and it definitely alleviated the pain I was experiencing from the gout. I was grateful that I didn’t have to go on prescription medicine because Gout Check Plus was helping me.

I would highly recommend Gout Check Plus to anyone that has allergies or even if you don’t have allergies and just want something that makes you feel better when you’re suffering with that severe pain from gout!"

"I was recently diagnosed with a very serious condition called Gout. I had been trying many of the natural remedies and one of the prescription pills for Gout but nothing was working to stop flare ups.  I tried Gout Check Plus because one of my friends has been a customer for years and I have not had a single flare up since I started to use it."

Thank you thank you thank you!  Marcia J.

"I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how impressed I am with your product.  I was skeptical, as everything I have tried for treating my Gout has either not worked at all, or it did help but had side effects that were for me, worse than the Gout itself. I now have adjusted my diet and take Gout Check Plus every day, and it works!!  I also recently told members in my Gout Support Group about your product.  Keep up the good work."  

Antonio D.

"I am Richard S. I have been suffering from Gout for the past 5 years. The medication the Doctor prescribes has so many side effects,

I looked for an alternate remedy. I started taking Gout Check Plus about a year ago and have not suffered from gout since."

Frequently Asked Questions

While we have had customers share experiences with Gout Check Plus+ minimizing Gout symptoms when taken during flare ups, the most beneficial aspects of Gout Check Plus+ are most pronounced when taken regularly on a daily basis as a maintenance strategy.  Gout Check Plus's unique formula makes it a powerful component in helping to avoid Gout flare ups before they start.

Yes. Two easy to take caplets each day will keep your Uric Acid Neutral, breakdown the crystallization in your joints and give you all of the other "Plus+ Factor" benefits. This is a powerful natural daily supplement.

No. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed data regarding Gout Check Plus's Proprietary Alkalizing Formulation for uniformity and safety. It recognizes Gout Check Plus's Proprietary Alkalizing Formulation as a New Dietary Ingredient (a regulatory requirement for dietary supplement safety and uniformity that few supplements can achieve).

Alka-Myte is the main active ingredient contained in Gout Check Plus+. 

Alka-Myte is the combination of highly alkaline minerals and a patented granulation process that allows for the stabilization of compounds like potassium hydroxide and delivers them through a process that the body readily accepts. The Alka-Myte active mineral compounds are: calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and potassium chloride.

Potassium hydroxide is particularly volatile, and will break down quickly when exposed to air. Alka-Myte's unique granulation process allows potassium hydroxide to be delivered to the body at the cellular level at full strength.

Studies have proven that our active ingredients are safe and there are rarely side effects. If someone experiences side effects, it would most likely be an upset stomach and would be very mild.

You are SAVING $15.00 + $9.99 shipping & handling, every 3 months (27% savings). Remember, you can cancel the "AutoSave" at anytime.

On our AutoSave program, your investment is only $0.95 per day... less than a cup of coffee at most gas stations...   

Gout Check Plus+ is a premium beneficial supplement for both Men and Women.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

If you don't see any results (blood levels neutralizing, feeling better, etc. after at least 14 days of taking daily), all you need to do is return the unused portion of your product back to us. We will refund the return shipping cost and your original purchase price 100%. (return limited to 1 bottle per customer)


All natural, mineral based daily supplement to neutralize Uric Acid in your body. 


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